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GCSE Results 2019

GCSE Results 2019

It is with pleasure that we share the fantastic achievements of our year 11 class of 2019. They truly have achieved stunning results, both from an individual perspective, and as an entire year group, and we couldn’t be more proud!

In terms of the year group headline results, 60% of students achieved a Grade 4, or better, in both English and Maths, with 37% achieving both English and Maths at Grade 5, or better. We too are delighted to celebrate the achievement of 21 Grade 9s, across 10 different subject areas; Grade 9s are the highest level awarded, with only 4% of pupils nationally achieving this standard in each subject. Our students also boast the achievement of 213 Grade 7s and above, which in ‘old money’, is equivalent to achieving A*/A grades.

Whilst we are proud to celebrate the achievements of our highest attaining students, we too take pride in the progress made by all of our students across the full spectrum of grades available. Our students join us from primary school with SATs scores, which are then projected forward to inform us what they should achieve at GCSE level, if we as a school provide high quality teaching, which enables learners to flourish. Our young people who made the most progress, improved their GCSE estimates by over 2 grades! Put simply, across every subject, they achieved at least 2 grades higher than projected, which is testament to their hard work, the care and support of their parents or carers and the high quality teaching and guidance they receive on a daily basis form our highly committed and dedicated staff team. There are too many exceptional student performances to mention individually, and our heartfelt congratulations go to all.

Our achievements also go far beyond strength in just English and Maths. Summarised in the table below are the individual subject percentages at 4+ and 5+. I hope that the strength and depth in our provision is clear to see.

Subject Grade 4+ Grade 5+
Combined Science 60.4% 40.9%
Biology 90% 76.6%
Physics 70% 50%
Chemistry 80% 60%
History 68.1% 48.5%
Geography 60.3% 47.6%
Spanish 58.3% 41.7%
Drama 79.4% 67.6%
Art 62.5% 46.4%
Food 76.5% 64.7%
Music 46.2% 23.1%
PE 86.4% 68.2%
Business Studies 77.3% 63.6%
Religious Studies 48.9% 38.3%
Dance 60% 53.3%
Statistics 75.9% 55.2%
Maths 68.1% 45.8%
English Language 59.6% 41.6%
English Literature 65.1% 47.6%

We will genuinely miss our outgoing Year 11 students, and look forward to hearing what the next stage of their education brings. I speak on behalf of all staff, in saying that it has been an honour and a privilege to work with this year group. We have watched them thrive, and grow into mature, confident and caring young adults; we are super proud of all they have achieved and who they are becoming. Many congratulations to the class of 2019!