Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Family Testimonials

We care about what our staff need and what they think about working as part of the Oasis family. Through staff surveys and regular 360 feedback we encourage our employees to be honest about their working environment and to help us understand what is working and what could do with some improvement. We are proud of the work our staff do day-on-day and the work we are doing to create a harmonious and rewarding working environment for everyone, from IT to Principals, TAs to Finance. 

Here are some testimonials from across the Oasis family.

Teaching and Leadership

Stephanie Waugh Testimonial
Amber Leigh Testimonial
Aysha Sultana Testimonial
Lewis Gundry Testimonial
Maryam Mahmood Testimonial
Emily Hobson Testimonial

Support Staff

Rowena Stone Testimonial
Hannah Skinner Testimonial
McKenzie Gomez Testimonial
Peter Murphy Elliott Testimonial
Sammy Ball Testimonial