Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


What is Prep? 

“Prep” is incredibly important at John Williams. We have renamed “homework” as “Prep” as we believe that preparing for success takes several forms, both in terms of tasks set by teachers, but also independent, self-directed work. All of it builds towards students being prepared to be successful with their learning. 

Why do Prep? 

We believe passionately that its purpose and function is fundamental: it is not just a tick box exercise. Completing “Prep” will give students the best chance of success throughout their time at John Williams, developing not just their subject knowledge, but the life skills they will need when they leave our Academy.  

Prep helps: 

  • To practise, revise, revisit knowledge and support class learning. 
  • To encourage students to be more responsible in their learning. 
  • To support students in learning the skills of time management, independent study and self-direction. 
  • To prepare students to thrive in life 

What does Prep look like? 

“Prep” involves any extra work outside of lessons which could take the form of traditional homework-based tasks or independent revision. It is set by teachers in line with their department policies and will normally be retrieval tasks based around substantive knowledge.  


  • KS3 – Prep will be set least once a fortnight English, mathematics, and science. All other subjects will set Prep at least once a term. 
  • KS4 – Prep will be set at least once a fortnight for each subject.