Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Horizons

We want to take a step forward in our offer to our young people and their families, to ensure we address inequality that exists outside of the classroom, and to ensure that everyone has the opportunities that they are entitled to.

What is Oasis Horizons?

At Oasis Community Learning, and across each of our academies, we know that our pupils are always learning, both inside the classroom and at home, and that families play an essential part in supporting the educational journey. We also understand the importance of having a dynamic, engaging and outstanding curriculum, taught by our subject experts in the best possible way. 

Oasis Horizons is a scheme being introduced into every Oasis academy throughout the academic year 2020-2021, where each current and future pupil, and their teachers and support staff, will be provided with an iPad to give them access to enhanced online learning. Students and teachers will be able to use the device together in lessons to bring subjects to life and participate in shared learning. Students will even be able to continue this at home! 

Oasis Horizons is the third part of a wider strategy; the other two elements being the development of an outstanding Oasis curriculum and investing in our pedagogy; making sure that we are sharing the latest and best teaching methods with our staff. 

The technology provided puts exceptional teaching and learning into the hands of every Oasis student at school, and at home no matter where they are in the country. With Oasis Horizons, our young people will have the opportunity to develop a firm foundation towards further education, or aspirational, fulfilling and prosperous careers. 

Please note that if an iPad goes missing or is lost, it is immediately locked and tracked, rendering it useless to anyone outside of Oasis - even if an attempt is made to 'wipe' or 'format' the device. The device will then continually beep until retrieved by Oasis. 


Introducing Oasis Horizons


Oasis Horizons - Information for Parents/Carers


For further information on Oasis Horizons including useful iPad setup guides and frequently asked questions, please visit the Oasis Community Learning website.