Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Oasis Academy John Williams Homework Policy


  • To practise, revise and support class learning.
  • To encourage students to be more responsible in their learning.
  • To support students in learning the skills of time management, independent study and self-direction.

School wide:

  • Core subjects (English, Maths, Science) set homework every week for all year groups.
  • In Yr7-9 homework for other subjects is set every two weeks.
  • In Yr10-11 homework for all subjects is set every week.
  • All homework will be set via an online platform called Microsoft Teams. Students should download this free App to their device.
  • All homework will be available on MS Teams by 9am each Monday and students have one week to complete it.
  • It is up to students to prioritise their time in order to complete their homework tasks each week.
  • Homework supports prior learning in lesson by consolidating material covered in class.
  • Homework completion and quality will be recorded by teachers.
  • In the event of a year group bubble having to isolate at home we will review the homework timetable.

Whole Academy Homework Timetables

This is the minimum expected and on occasions, where appropriate staff may set extra homework to support and enhance learning.