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Our Vision

At Oasis Academy John Williams we aspire to provide all students with a first class educational experience.  We aim to raise aspirations by creating a ‘can-do’ culture where all students will achieve their potential and become confident and competent young people.

For this to become a reality, staff, students and parents/carers must work in close partnership and fulfil their respective responsibilities.


As a parent/carer I will:

  • Ensure that my child meets the Academy expectations and follows all Academy values and rules
  • Ensure my child attends regularly and is punctual (arrives by 08:50)
  • Notify the Academy of any leave of absence request and accept this may not be authorised
  • Ensure that my child is wearing full Academy uniform correctly
  • Ensure my child has the correct equipment
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings and meetings as required
  • Ensure that my child attends ‘Period 6 Intervention’ sessions as directed by the Academy
  • Support my child to complete homework and independent study at home
  • Encourage my child to use social media responsibly
  • Give permission for the Academy to store data on my child
  • Give permission for the Academy to use photographs and film footage of my child in an Academy context for possible circulation
  • Pay for the cost of any repairs arising from vandalism caused by my child
  • Give permission for my child to participate in sporting and recreational activities organised by the Academy, including organised travel to and from off-site venues

Parent/Carer Name: _____________________________________________________

Signed: ________________________________     Date: ________________________


As a student I will:

  • Strive to attend the Academy every day and arrive on time (by 08:50)
  • ‘Work Hard’ every day towards achieving my personal best
  • ‘Look Smart’, wearing correct full uniform and conducting myself in a sensible and orderly manner   at all times
  • ‘Be Nice’ at all times, showing respect to adults and treating others in the manner that I would expect to be treated
  • Use social media responsibly
  • Give letters and other information from the Academy to my parent/carer
  • Play my part in the improvement of my Academy by striving to improve my standards of work and behaviour at all times
  • Make positive choices and get involved in all Academy activities, including Period 6
  • Respect and look after the Academy environment and equipment


Student Name: __________________________________________________________

Signed: ________________________________     Date: _________________________



As an Academy we will:


  • Actively promote our values of inclusion, equality, hope, inclusion, healthy relationships, and perseverance in all of our actions
  • Provide a high quality education for all students which enables them to develop their personal talents and achieve their personal best
  • Offer a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum for all students, characterised by high quality learning experiences
  • Provide a safe, caring, orderly, well-disciplined and supportive environment which promotes learning
  • Set work which is challenging, yet suitable to the age and ability of the student
  • Contact parents/carers if there is a concern regarding attendance or punctuality
  • Keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress
  • Provide information and keep you up to date with progress and developments
  • Inform or consult parents as appropriate on issues of Academy policy
  • Listen to your views and respond positively to any concerns or complaints

Victoria Boomer, Executive Principal