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English Literature

This week we started writing our thesis and the start of our essay on how Dickens presents Scrooge as lonely. We started off by looking at what makes an effective thesis, this was shown to us in three clear points: it has to answer the question, it has to focus on the writer’s intention and has to present a clear argument to be supported.                                                         

After finishing responding to our essay question, we started looking at a modern idealised Christmas and a Victorian idealised Christmas then compared the differences. We thought that an idealised Christmas in the modern day would be a white Christmas with fairy lights, loads of presents under the perfectly colour coded Christmas tree and the sound of Christmas crackers exploding. This differs from a Victorian idealised Christmas where we would expect lots of meat, alcohol and exotic fruits; this would be to show off their wealth


English Language

This week in English Language, we were introduced to the speaking assessment. The mark scheme is split into three categories: pass, merit and distinction. We then watched student examples, and judged them based on the marking scheme, to get an idea of what it will be like. From watching the clips, we learnt that you need to know the topic that you want to talk about well to avoid failing.