Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

English Literature


This week in English literature, we started to explore Scrooge`s relationship with Belle, his ex-fiancé, who he saw again while on his visit with the Ghost of Christmas Past.

We discovered that their relationship failed because of Scrooge`s obsession with money, and that he saw their engagement as a “contract” according to Belle who then pushed him away. We also talked about how his love of money grew, which led to him being wealthy and solitary.

We then began to understand how to approach an extract question, based on a short section of stave 2 from the novella, about his loneliness. We learned how to write an effective thesis, and begin writing an essay.


English Language

This week in English Language, we only had one lesson. We revised the steps for answering section A of language paper 2. We followed the PEED paragraph structure for question 3:

P- Point

E- Evidence

E- Explain

D- Develop

We then completed our English Language assessment for this term.