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English Literature

This week in English Literature, we continued to read “A Christmas Carol”. We analysed the theme of childhood, and the character of Mr Fezziwig.

We explored how Dickens plresents the theme of childhood, what it is like and how it shaped Scrooge. We learnt that Scrooge was a lonely child, and that his only friends were the characters from his favourite novels. This helps us build empathy for him, and to understand what has happened to him to make him who he is.

We then began to explore the character of Mr Fezziwig, and the historical context of Victorians parties. We learnt that high class Victorians hosted large and tremendous parties, with drugs, alcohol and pineapples, to demonstrate their wealth and power. This related to Mr Fezziwig (who was Scrooge’s employer when he was a young man) because he had Victorian parties and unlike Scrooge he was willing to spend money to make people happy.


English Language

We learnt how to write an answer to Q4. We analysed an example of the question and how to answer it. We then wrote an answer based on 2 different sources.

We were asked to write how the writers conveyed their different views and experiences. 

Tips for Question 4:

  • Make sure your answer is specific, using embedded quotes.
  • Make reference to the writer frequently.
  • Keep it clear and simple, don’t overcomplicate it or waffle.
  • Avoid generic statements.
  • Support references to the writers’ techniques.