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English Literature

This week in English Literature we have continued to read the novella, “A Christmas Carol.” We started to learn how to use words such as ‘pariah’, meaning an outcast within society, to help us when describing Scrooge. For example, Scrooge is presented as a pariah within society because he is a miserly old man that will only help himself in a time of need.

We also discussed whether Scrooge is to be blamed for his behaviour in the novella, or whether he is a product of the society he lives in. Some people within the class thought that Scrooge was to blame, for example if Scrooge is okay to say, “If they would rather die, they had better do it and decrease the surplus population.” Then he can be blamed due to the lack of empathy and joy he has at Christmas time. However, some thought that he was just a product of the society he lives in, as the wealthier people in the Victorian era, when the book is set, didn’t want to associate with people in a lower class than them.

We were introduced to the ghost of Jacob Marley. Numerous things are used to represent Marley’s arrival, such as his face appearing on the door knocker and bells ringing to announce that he is back. This is ironic because usually bells ringing symbolises a good occurrence (such as a wedding) and it’s also a warning to Scrooge to redeem himself as the bells have religious connotations, similar to the concept of redemption itself.

English Language

Question 3 is assessing AO2 and is worth 12 marks. You should spend a maximum of 15 minutes on this question.

Step 1) Identify the focus of the question and make sure you stick to it.

Step 2) Scan the source and highlight 3-4 words or phrases that you could talk about in your answer.

Step 3) Write a sentence introducing the overall effect of the language.

Step 4) Write 3-4 PEED paragraphs analysing language to answer your question.

  • P- Point
  • E- Evidence
  • E- Explain
  • D- Develop