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This week in English we have studied ‘A Christmas Carol’ and we have looked at questions 1 and 2 of Language paper 2.

English Literature

This week in English Literature we began to read “A Christmas Carol.” As a class, we began analysing Dickens’ language and frequent use of lists and metaphors.

We explored Scrooge’s character and delved into the reason the first Stave (in the novella the chapters are replaced with Staves as that is the name of the lines that music is written on, and the book is named A Christmas Carol, get it?!?) starts with “Marley was dead, to begin with.” We decided that it was because Dickens desperately wanted to make it clear that when Marley came to visit him, it was most definitely a ghost. Some quotes we decided to pull out of the novella and analyse were, “hard and as sharp as flint”, and,” as solitary as an oyster.” These, we thought, were effective similes which clearly represent Scrooge and his personality. I (Addison) came up with the idea that “hard and as sharp as flint” suggests he is not only cold and cruel, but that it could also imply he has a heart of stone. Thereby explaining why his relationships with others deteriorate and he neglects his fellow man.

“As solitary as an oyster.” This could suggest that Scrooge may be hard and stubborn on the outside, but if you can crack through his tough outer shell, there is an amazing prize inside.

English Language

In English Language we continued studying question 2; we discovered different types of PEED paragraphs and how to properly explore and summarise similarities and differences within the different sources.

We studied a source by Dickens about Greenwich fair and an article on Glastonbury. We decided as a class that detailed inference is the most important part of a SQI paragraph. After Miss talked us through the basics and ran us through the mark scheme (which was obviously a little slimmed down as the official one is pages and pages), we began to start a timed run through. It went pretty well for us but we’re not too sure about everyone else! The timing is quite close but, as long as you don’t go over your time and read the sources thoroughly, it should be fine. SQI is extremely effective and much better than PEED for this question in our opinions, so thanks Miss for that little trick!

Top tips for Question 2:

  • Make sure you’re answering the question
  • Follow SQI, but not at the expense of content
  • Make sure there is a link.