Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

GCSE English Blog

Welcome to the learning blog of 10yEn1!

Here you will find a weekly roundup of what we’ve studied, big ideas we’ve discussed and wider reading we recommend. We are studying the AQA syllabus for both English Literature and English Language and, during our first term, we are focusing on A Christmas Carol in Literature and Paper 2 Section A in Language. If you want some top tips, amazing insights and quick revision recaps for your English GCSEs, that are written by students for students, this is the place to look.

Week 9 Blog - Bhakti

In this week, we have been looking at the symbolism and meaning of Ignorance and Want in stave 3.

Week 7 Blog - Owen

In the final week of Term 1, in English Literature, we studied the importance of the Cratchit family Christmas in A Christmas Carol. On Tuesday, we read about the Cratchit's Christmas and how Dickens uses it to exemplify the positive aspects of how a working class family can pull together.

Week 6 Blog - Amelia and Amy

This week we started writing our thesis and the start of our essay on how Dickens presents Scrooge as lonely.

Week 5 Blog - Georgee and Lucy

This week in English literature, we started to explore Scrooge`s relationship with Belle, his ex-fiancé, who he saw again while on his visit with the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Week 4 Blog - Thomas, Aiden and Taylor

This week in English Literature, we continued to read “A Christmas Carol”. We analysed the theme of childhood, and the character of Mr Fezziwig.

Week 3 Blog - Katie and Charlie

This week in English Literature we have continued to read the novella, “A Christmas Carol.” We started to learn how to use words such as ‘pariah’, meaning an outcast within society, to help us when describing Scrooge. For example, Scrooge is presented as a pariah within society because he is a miserly old man that will only help himself in a time of need.

Week 1 Blog - Beate

This week in English we have studied ‘A Christmas Carol’ and we have looked at questions 1 and 2 of Language paper 2.