Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 7

Year 7 at Oasis Academy John Williams is packed with learning opportunities and experiences, with 24 hours of timetabled lessons each week, across a broad range of subject areas. There is also an additional hour of learning time each week invested in CEIAG, preparing students for the next phase of their education, as well as 15 minutes each morning in Learning Mentor. This time is used by Learning Mentors (tutors) to ensure that students are ready to learn. This is supplemented by a wealth of extension, enrichment and intervention provision made through our Period 6 programme.

Home based learning

With respect to learning outside the Academy, students should expect to receive at least 30 minutes of homework per subject per week. With 12 subjects, this means students should spend at least 6 hours each week investing in learning at home. The purpose of homework is to support prior learning in lesson and/or prepare for learning to happen in future lessons. It is also intended to support students in learning the skills of time management, independent study and self-direction. In the event that students do not have set homework tasks, it is our expectation that they are investing the equivalent time to learn, for example by memorising their knowledge organisers.

Marking and feedback

In terms of marking and feedback, students can expect regular and ongoing verbal feedback from teachers, as well as opportunities for peer and self-assessment. Our staff will also use a combination of whole class feedback, individual written comments and assessment marking in order to support students in realising improved academic outcomes. We recognise the distinction between practicing the acquisition of new content and development of skill and bringing both these elements together for performance in formal assessment. For this reason, it is only in the case of the latter that students are likely to receive marks, or a grade.

By clicking on the links below, you can access further subject specific information about course content, additional guidance about homework and feedback, as well as detail about support for independent learning.

Subject Guides

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