Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


18m wide x 10m

Our Theatre is a multifunctional space that has been used for a variety of events in the past. The Theatre has hosted Dance shows reaching an audience of five hundred to a more personal experience of hosting  performances to smaller audiences of less than one hundred. We have hosted seminars also, and community meetings as well as the BBC for national live debates.

The theatre provides a mega screen with a lectern/projector which hosts a variety of technology and projects a vast variety of media platforms including DVD and VCR and has the capacity to plug your own technology into our system. Our in-house Technician can be hired for full events to accommodate complicated productions. The following technology and fittings described on the right are available for the theatre:


  • Laptop/Data projection
  • DVD & VCR projection for cinematic experience
  • Roland M400 Sound desk with full Digital Snake networking
  • A variety of 48 functioning theatre lights including spotlights, par cans, fresnels and blinders
  • Zero 88 frog lighting desk


  • Stage curtains with full blackout curtains surrounding full floor space
  • An assembled seating of 200. Reducable by 20 seats a time
  • An extendable audience space with opening screen leading into Atrium to triple overall space

To find out more or to book our facilities please contact our lettings manager on: