Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Resource Centre

L Shape - front section 15.5m long by 4.6m usable width / end section 10m deep with a 3.4m usable width.

The Learning Resource Centre is the hub of the Academy and is utilised in every aspect during Academy hours. Placed at the front of the Academy on the first floor, it overlooks the front of the school grounds and beyond: a view of Clifton Bridge can be seen almost daily. But other than books and scenery it provides a great space for business meetings, or community clubs and societies. With great space and an assortment of tables and facilities including Laptops and hot drinks and pastries available to order it would be hard to argue not to choose this location and facility.

On the right is a list of all facilities bookable with the L.R.C.

Facilities include:

  • 24 chairs with tables for conference style meetings
  • Two octagon shaped tables for smaller meetings
  • Puff style chairs for the more casual meetings with table
  • Two flipcharts
  • 8 exam desks

To find out more information to book our facilities please contact our lettings manager on: