Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Dance Studios

12m deep. 7.4m wide each side, rising to 14.6m wide as a whole.

The studios themselves are parallel to each other and can amalgamate to make one studio to accommodate the larger classes or for small shows. This is done with the dividing screen being stored away. With the studios, other materials  feature including Ballet Pole, Crash Matts, full mirrors covering each wall and changing rooms available close by. The Studios also have doors opening up to a platform outside as a practising area, good to use during the summer months, or to draw in fresh air.

Each studio accommodates an industrial sized audio player with the function of playing your MP3 player, CD and Minidisc as well as musical instruments (1/4” jack cable). All audio is amplified playing through our ceiling mounted RCF speakers in Stereo. 


To find out more information or to book our facilities please contact our lettings manager through: