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Year 11

Important Information and Documents

We will regularly update this page with important information and downloadable content for our year 11 students and parents. Please regularly check this page for new content.

Exam Results Day

Results can be collected on Thursday 22 August 2019 at 10:00am. The Academy will be closed from 11:00am.


We are delighted to announce details of our 2019 Year 11 Prom:

Date: Thursday 20 June 2019
Venue: Royal Marriott Hotel, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TA
Arrival time: 18:00
Ends: 23:30
Tickets: £40.00 can be purchased through Tucasi (SCOPAY) from 7 June.

It is important everyone understands that Year 11 Prom is a privilege intended to reward students. As such, there are some criteria that students must satisfy to attend the Prom:

  • attend all exams
  • maintain full uniform expectations through to the end of formal exams
  • not be routinely late to school, or routinely fail to attend lessons
  • not disrupt the learning of others (ARC referrals)
  • not be required to leave school for study leave (defiant/ disruptive behaviour)

All criteria will be considered in making decisions about students’ eligibility to attend. 

Of course we would like all students to attend but ask that you appreciate our duty of care to ensure behaviour standards are met and students are able to enjoy this final celebration of their time here.  As such, students are invited to Prom at the discretion of Academy staff.

Leavers Hoodies

Leavers hoodies will be available this year. Further information regarding this will be provided once we have it.

Exam Timetable

Students have been given their personalised exam timetables, but for a general exam timetable, please click here.

Exam stress and anxiety

Exams can be a challenging part of school life for all of our students and their families. It is normal for students to feel like this and important that we support them through it. The Childline website has some useful resources for students, which can be found by clicking here. There is also helpful advice available to parents on the NHS website, found by clicking here. We recommend students use the Headspace app and SAM app for further support to develop techniques to cope with their stress and anxiety, they are great, but the techniques take practice – persevere!


Expectations and standards

Please note that all students must be in full correct uniform every day, including for each and every GCSE exam. For further information regarding the school uniform, please click here.


During the exam period it is important that students attend school every day in order to ensure they are not missing out on vital content that could be in their GCSE exams, or exams themselves.

For further information regarding attendance, please click here.

Careers Guidance

For further information, please visit our Careers Guidance section.


The NCS programme is a great opportunity for our students during the summer holiday. It is a chance for students to challenge themselves, develop skills and be part of a social action project. Our past students who have completed the programme have really enjoyed their time on the course, and have found it helps them to stand out when applying for future courses and jobs. If you haven’t already signed up, or you would like further information, please click here.