Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 11

Key Dates

Performance week dates

Performance Week examinations will take place from Monday 20th January-Friday 31st January.
More details will be posted here nearer to the time.

Click the links below to download documents:

GCSE examination dates

GCSE examinations run from Monday 11th May-Friday 24th June.

Results Day 2020

Results day is on Thursday 20th August 2020.
Results can be collected form the Academy between 10.00-10.30.


Exam equipment

For examinations in both Performance Week and final GCSE examinations students will need a clear pencil case containing:

  • Black pens
  • Pencils
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Sharpener
  • Highlighters
  • Scientific calculator
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Highlighter

Prep Time

Before each examination during both Performance Week and GCSE examinations students will have 20 minutes of Prep Time to look over their revision notes.

Students need to prepare these resources in advance and bring them to Prep Time on the day. Useful resource include:

  • Flash cards
  • Mind maps
  • Key words lists
  • Knowledge Organisers

Exam rules and regulations

For examinations in both Performance Week and final GCSE examinations students need to:

  • Attend all exams [If you are ill on the day of an exam, it is important to let us know as soon as possible]
  • Arrive in good time [including Prep Time]
  • Wear full Academy uniform [including shoes not trainers]
  • Bring your own equipment [details above]
  • Bring water in a clear plastic bottle with the label removed. No other drinks are permitted.

You will also need to comply with the below rules:

  • Mobile phones, MP3 player, iPod, smart watch, ear phones etc. must not be brought into the exam hall. These items must be switched off and left in your bags or in your locker.

If you are found with any of these items you will be disqualified from the exam. You could also be disqualified for further exams.

  • You must not bring any notes into the examination hall. This includes notes in your pockets as well as notes written on your hands/ arms or elsewhere.

Important JCQ exam documents

Please click the relevant links below to download documents:

Subjects and exam boards

Remember Knowledge Organisers for all subjects are available to download under the ‘Curriculum’ tab or by clicking here.

  • GCSE Art - AQA
  • GCSE Dance - AQA
  • GCSE Drama - Eduqas
  • GCSE English Language and Literature - AQA
  • GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition - Eduqas
  • GCSE Geography - AQA
  • GCSE History - Edexcel
  • GCSE Mathematics - AQA
  • GCSE Music - Edexcel
  • GCSE Physical Education - AQA
  • BTEC First Sport Level 1/2 - Pearson
  • GCSE Religious Studies - Eduqas
  • GCSE Science [Combined] - AQA
  • GCSE Science [Triple] - AQA
  • GCSE Spanish - AQA
  • GCSE Statistics - Edexcel


During the exam period it is important that students attend school every day in order to ensure they are not missing out on vital content that could be in their GCSE exams, or exams themselves.

For further information regarding attendance, please click here.


We are delighted to announce details of our 2020 Year 11 Prom:

Date: Thursday 18 June 2020
Venue: Royal Marriott Hotel, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TA
Arrival time: 18:00
Ends: 23:30
Tickets: TBC

It is important everyone understands that Year 11 Prom is a privilege intended to reward students. As such, there are some criteria that students must satisfy to attend the Prom:

  • attend all exams
  • maintain full uniform expectations through to the end of formal exams
  • not be routinely late to school, or routinely fail to attend lessons
  • not disrupt the learning of others (ARC referrals)
  • not be required to leave school for study leave (defiant/ disruptive behaviour)

All criteria will be taken into account in making decisions about students’ eligibility to attend. 

Of course we would like all students to attend but ask that you appreciate our duty of care to ensure behaviour standards are met and students are able to enjoy this final celebration of their time here.  As such, students are invited to Prom at the discretion of Academy staff. The Academy reserves the right to refuse entry.


We want to do everything we can to help our young people feel confident and prepared for life after school.

Please click click here to view our Careers Guidance section.

What can I do to support my child?

As a parent there are lots of ways you help your child revise for their exams, from reminding them to attend after-school Period 6 sessions to encouraging them with praise and rewards.

  • Exams can be stressful for students and it goes without saying that everyone is different, so it follows that there is no single approach to how a parent can help out, but here are some suggestions:

Students who do best in exams:

  • have revised thoroughly and carefully
  • feel confident
  • have parents who take an interest in their revision

So, what can you do?


  • Discuss with your child what will be involved in the revision period and what your role could be.
  • Provide the environment necessary for success. Students need a place to revise which is quiet, calm and comfortable.
  • Respond positively when they ask for help. Ask exactly how you can help and if you can’t help immediately, say when it’s convenient.
  • Give plenty of praise and encouragement. Point out what they are good at. Tell them daily what they do well. Stay calm and don’t expect too much.
  • Point out what they have done well if you look at their work. Don’t dwell on the errors - emphasise the positives.
  • Keep a low profile.
  • Be prepared to listen when they want to talk about problems as everything becomes more emotional and heightened during the exam period.
  • Encourage them to take regular breaks during long periods of revision.
  • Encourage morning revision when the brain is more receptive and discourage studying right up to bedtime.


  • Make comparisons with brothers, sisters, friends and so on.
  • Unintentionally add to their worries by constantly mentioning the exams.
  • Relate too much to when you were sitting exams at school or how you did your revision.
  • Worry if their revision techniques seem strange or unusual.
  • Make a battle out of whether or not they listen to music when doing their revision.
  • Distract them unnecessarily.
  • Expect them to study all the time. Taking some time out to relax will have a positive effect on their work.
  • Join in the general anxiety; be a picture of serene confidence

Exams advice

  • Sit down with your child and work through the timetable which details when each of the subject exams are being held.
  • Discuss their planned revision for the exams, both within and outside of the Academy.  A large number of Year 11 students access the extensive Period 6 provision until 4.10pm, before carrying out further study at home in the evenings. 
  • Ensure that your child has all of the necessary equipment for their exams (as per the guidance).
  • Students will have a short exam preparation slot before each exam. Please ensure they come prepared with their Knowledge Organisers and revision materials to make best use of this time.

As a parent/carer you can help by ensuring that your child is getting enough sleep, drinking enough water (not energy drinks!) and not being distracted by mobile phones/social media either when they are revising or when they are trying to sleep. Equally checking they having some relaxation time and are not working all of the time, will be crucial.