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Uniform & Equipment

Our Student Bristol 10 framework makes clear reference to looking smart and taking pride in our appearance.  

Uniform is checked each morning on entry to the Academy and where students do not meet the required standards sanctions will be applied. To avoid confusion, here are some explicit guidelines on our uniform expectations. 

Visit the suppliers website for more information.


Year 7 to Year 11


  • Blazers are to be worn around the Academy at all times, except during PE/Dance lessons and when sitting down to eat lunch or break 

Trousers & Skirts

  • Black, standard length trousers
  • No skinny fit (i.e. not tight around the lower leg/ankles), leggings or denim trousers are permitted
  • Black skirts of an acceptable length (no shorter that 2” above the knee). Tube skirts are not permitted

Shoes & Socks

  • Plain black leather/faux leather shoes with a black sole
  • No trainers, canvas shoes, including Vans and Converse, Ugg boots, high heels or steel toe caps
  • Plain black socks or tights

School Shirt

  • White short or long-sleeved, button-up shirt with a structured collar, always tucked in.


  • Tie should be worn with 3 stripes below the knot visible 

Jewellery & Personal Belongings
  • Hairbands and clips (no wider than 2cm)
  • Natural hair colouring only, with no extreme hairstyles
  • 1 small stud earring in each ear and a watch only
  • Make-up should be minimal and natural in appearance
  • Religious head dress in plain black or white only
  • No facial piercings are allowed. A plaster must cover any piercing until they can be removed (maximum of 6 weeks) 
  • No false nails or nail varnish  



This is not an exhaustive list of uniform requirements and the Academy reserves the right to challenge any matters that may jeopardise the Academy standards.

Equipment Expectations

Students will be expected to have the following equipment in September:

  • 2 black pens
  • 2 pencils
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 ruler
  • 1 sharpener
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 pencil case
  • 1 scientific calculator
  • 1 glue stick
  • 1 student planner (all students are expected to purchase a student planner at a cost of £3.00) using the Tucasi online payment system.
  • 1 A4 Folder

Equipment bundles can be purchased from the Academy Reception at a cost of £5.67

There will also be a stationary shop during Period 6 in the Study Zone.

Students will also be expected to have a school bag that can hold an A4 folder and their school books.

PE Kit Expectations

We are unapologetic about our high standards from which we do not deviate. 

Students are expected to change into PE kit for every PE lesson. PE kit is checked each lesson and where students do not meet the required standards, parents/carers will be expected to support the Academy by ensuring their child is wearing the correct kit.

For PE lessons students require:

  • A white OAJW polo shirt, plain white polo shirt without any logos or new purple PE shirt (compulsory if in Year 7)
  • Plan black tracksuit bottoms, skorts or shorts - leggings must be OAJW branded if worn
  • Sports trainers
  • Football boots - moulded studs only (blades or metal studs not suitable)
  • Shin pads (for rugby, football and hockey)
  • Gum shield (for rugby and hockey)
  • Hair band

We recommend students have a plain black waterproof coat to wear in PE when it is raining. This does not need to be in addition to the coat they wear to school, but must be black if it is to be worn for PE.

If students are ill/injured and unable to participate fully in PE, they should bring a note from home and get changed into their kit. In these instances, students will still be expected to engage with their learning and will be given an alternative role such as official/coach. The only exceptions to this are when students are physically unable to get changed due to an injury such as a broken arm. If students have long term injuries/illnesses that mean they cannot participate in PE, a doctor’s note is required.

Forgotten kit:
If students forget an item of kit, they will be asked to borrow school kit. Instances of forgotten kit are tracked carefully by the PE department and sanctions for forgetting kit will be enforced where necessary.

Other circumstances:
If there are any other circumstances that mean students do not have the correct kit, e.g.: it has been lost, students should bring a suitable alternative and a note from home. If a suitable alternative is not available, students will be asked to borrow school kit.

Jewellery and hair:
For safety reasons, all jewellery should be removed for PE and long hair should be tied up. If students are unable to remove jewellery, it should be taped. The PE department do not provide tape and students must bring their own. Failure to remove jewellery or tie up hair for PE will result in the use of sanctions where necessary.

Purchasing PE kit:
All branded uniform should be purchased directly from our uniform supplier Sportswear International.


Sports trainers will be used on the hard outdoor courts and in all indoor spaces. All styles of running trainers and multi-purpose trainers with cushioned soles and laces are appropriate for PE lessons.

Any canvas trainers/pumps/daps with a flat sole are not appropriate as they do not provide cushioning, ankle support or enough grip.

3G Pitch

We are proud of our facilities and in order to maintain the highest possible condition of the 3G artificial pitch and ensure that OAJW students have the best experience, we insist that students wear the correct footwear.

Students will only be able to wear football boots with moulded and/or plastic studs on the 3G pitch. No metal studs, blades, dimpled trainers or any flat soled shoes are allowed on the 3G pitch. All students in Years 7-9 will require football boots for curricular activities this academic year. Year 10 & 11 students using the astro for curricular or extra-curricular activities will also be expected to have the appropriate footwear.