Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

First Aid & Medicines


If your child needs to take medication for a medical condition that has been prescribed by a doctor e.g., antibiotics then parents/carers are required to sign and complete a Parental Agreement to Administer Medication. Please use the form below. A completed and signed form must be emailed to or handed in to our primary First Aider.

Under no circumstances can staff administer pain relief unless the medication has been prescribed and consent received by the parents/carers using the Parental Agreement Form.

Medication will only be accepted into the Academy if:

  • Medication is in date.
  • In its original container/box/bottle as dispensed by the pharmacist
  • Named
  • Includes instruction for administration, dosage and storage.
  • You have provided written consent.

Parental Agreement to Administer Medication