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Academy Lunches


The Academy canteen offers a great selection of healthy and tasty meals. The lunch time menu changes on a daily basis and offers a wide range of meals, snacks, jacket potatoes and sandwiches.  A Meal Deal can be purchased for £2.45, which includes a main meal and a desert. All the food served complies with current government guidelines and is catered by Sodexo.

We also offer a Breakfast Club in the morning served between 8.10 and 8.55am with a variety of healthy breakfasts. During break time students can purchase hot or cold snacks, which include bacon or sausage rolls, toast and waffles. Our second servery sells a selection of sandwiches, paninis and wraps.

Does your child have any food allergies? If so please read the attached letter and complete the form for us. 

Food Prices from 1 September 2018

Meal deal - Main Course, Carbohydrate, Vegetable and Hot Pudding (Pupil £2.45, Adult £2.94)

Main Meal   Snacks  
Main Meal Deal £2.45 Fruit Pots £0.99
Sandwich Meal Deal £2.45 Piece of Fruit £0.44
Main Course £1.93 Toasties £1.20
Portion of Carbohydrate £0.66 Sweet Waffles £0.75
Portion of Vegetables £0.66 Tray Bakes £0.82
    Bacon Roll/Muffin £0.93
Jacket Potatoes   Sausage Roll £1.20
Plain Jacket Potato £0.87 Cheese on Toast £0.65
Jacket Potato with 1 Filling £1.48 Croissants and Pastry £0.75
Jacket Potato with 2 Fillings £1.97    
    Desserts, Puddings & Cakes  
Pasta   Hot Pudding £0.82
Plain Pasta £0.93 Portion of Custard £0.22
Pasta & Cheese £1.48 Popcorn £0.40
Pasta & Sauce £1.97 Cold Dessert Pots £0.99
Pasta Cheese & Sauce £1.97 Jelly £0.99
    Angel Delight £0.99
Sides   Cookies £0.55
Bakes Beans and other pots £0.61 Pretzels £0.75
Portion of Cheese £0.41    
Pizza   Calypso 185ml £0.45
Pizza Break £0.71 Carton of Milk £0.50
Pizza Vedge (Lunch Only) £1.08 Alpro Milk £0.50
Half Panini £1.00 Minral Water 500ml £0.55
Panini 2 Fillings £2.24 Rapidz 330ml £0.82
Pizza Panini £1.86 Capri Sun £0.82
    Suso Can 250ml £0.82
Sandwiches   Smoothie  £0.82
Sandwich/Salad £1.69 Yazoo Mllk 200ml £0.71
Sandwich Luxury £1.97 Fun Time £0.71
Baguettes £1.97 Radnor Juice £0.82
Sub £1.97 Buxton Water 750ml £0.88
Wraps £1.97 Slush Puppy £0.88
    Juice Shots £0.40
Salad Bar   Hot Chocolate £0.76
Large Pot £1.00 Hot Chocolate with Cream £0.99