Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

Being part of the Oasis family of Academies, the overarching vision of our Academy is to provide 'Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community'. We want to ensure that all of our young people, whatever their starting points or background, get the education they deserve - and they deserve nothing less than exceptional. 

The ethos of Oasis Academy is rooted in Christian-based values, which permeates every aspect of its life.  These include valuing everyone and protecting individual rights to freedom and choice, working actively against discrimination and social exclusion, and respecting the beliefs and practices of others.  The Academy provides a welcoming environment for students of all faiths and no faith and serves the whole community.


Here at Oasis Academy John Williams we recognise that in order to truly prepare our young people for the next stage of education, employment or training, it is vital that they have not only the requisite skills and qualifications, but also the confidence and character to thrive in any context. Furthermore we believe that the development of character directly supports improved academic outcomes and the realisation of 100% personal Best. As such we are committed to the intentional promotion and development of four aspects of character that we believe to be the conditions upon which all of our young people will thrive academically, socially and in their lives beyond Oasis Academy John Williams.